SWIS Subsea Incident Response Toolkit

The integrated intervention system includes two subsea incident response toolkits for the subsea application of dispersant at a wellhead. This is an integral part of capping operations that will both create safer surface working conditions for response personnel and enhance the degradation of the oil. The subsea incident response toolkits are located in Brazil and Norway.

The two hardware kits for the subsea application of dispersant at a flowing subsea BOP include:

  • Tools for site surveys prior to commencement of work, e.g 2D and 3D sonar
  • Debris clearing equipment with cutting, grappling and dragging tools to gain access to the blowout preventer (BOP) where necessary
  • Flying leads, distribution manifold and dispersant wands to inject dispersant at multiple locations
  • High pressure, high volume accumulators for closing the existing BOP


Key facts

  • Designed for subsea use up to 3000m water depth
  • All air-freightable and mostly pre-packed in 20 ft containers
  • Stored in two strategic locations around the world
  • Available for use in a variety of international metocean conditions
  • Manufactured by Oceaneering

Take a look at the factsheet to find out more about the subsea incident response toolkit.

For more information about gaining access to the equipment, contact subseaservices@oilspillresponse.com.