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Following the successful delivery of the subsea well intervention equipment to the four global bases in 2014, SWRP collaborated with Oil Spill Response Ltd (OSRL) once again to provide a containment toolkit which has further enhanced the industry’s capability to respond to a subsea well incident.

The toolkit includes standard, long lead components which used with existing standard industry hardware can create a containment system. This can bring flowing hydrocarbons from a wellhead to the surface in a safe and controlled way, ready for storage or disposal, if well shut-in is not possible.

The toolkit’s availability minimises response times by allowing a responding well operator to draw on existing resources. The equipment is now available for international industry.

OSRL and SWRP have also collaborated to provide subscribers with a toolkit of containment equipment and subsea well containment guidelines to enhance the industry’s capability to respond to a subsea well incident. These guidelines have now been delivered and are available via OSRL.

The containment toolkit is now stored in strategic locations to facilitate timely response around the world: three regional sets of non-air-freightable flexible subsea jumpers and subsea flowlines stored in the UK, Brazil and Singapore for onward transportation. All other containment toolkit components are air-freightable and stored at the original equipment manufacturers in the UK, USA and Norway.

The containment toolkit will be available to the international industry as part of OSRL’s Subsea Well Intervention Service (SWIS).