Capping stack toolboxes


The intervention system includes four capping systems:

  • Two 18 3/4” bore capping stacks developed to handle pressure up to 15kpsi (Brazil and Norwary)
  • Two 7 1/16” bore capping stacks designed for pressure up to 10kpsi (Singapore and South Africa)

This should enable the industry to cap most subsea oil wells in water depths up to 3000m around the world, as well as providing flexibility for various contingencies.

Key facts

  • Transportable by sea and/or air
  • Available for a variety of international metocean conditions
  • Designed for subsea use up to 3000m water depth
  • Stored in four strategic regional locations around the world
  • Manufactured by Trendsetter Engineering

All four capping stacks are designed into a standard configuration, with common pipework, valves, chokes and spools all rated to 15kpsi. The common framework gives greater flexibility by utilising interchangeable gate valves and rams. The key difference is the use of 7 1/16” 10k gate valves for the two 10k stacks and 18 3/4” 15k rams for the two 15k stacks.

Take a look at the factsheet to find out more about the capping stack toolbox.

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