Intervention system

Air and sea transport at work
Industry collaboration delivers new subsea well capping equipment for international use

The Subsea Well Response Project (SWRP) is collaborating with Oil Spill Response Ltd (OSRL) to make a new integrated intervention system available to the wider industry. Together, we have developed internationally-deployable well capping equipment to enhance the industry’s capability to respond to a subsea well control incident. 

SWRP planned the intervention system, which includes newly-designed subsea capping and dispersant application equipment. OSRL owns the equipment and is responsible for storage and maintenance. OSRL will also make the equipment available to subscribers through subscription and a supplementary agreement.

OSRL contracted Trendsetter Engineering to construct four capping stack toolboxes capable of handling a variety of scenarios and Oceaneering to develop two hardware kits for the subsea application of dispersant at the wellhead.

Companies across the oil and gas industry have the opportunity to benefit from the equipment through membership of OSRL and a supplementary agreement.

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