SWRP’s approach

Industry working together

The oil industry working together

Through SWRP, international oil and gas companies are working together on an unprecedented scale. We are sharing knowledge, local expertise and best practices to enhance international well incident intervention capabilities.

Prevention is paramount

Ensuring robust well designs and operations procedures, proper inspection and maintenance of equipment, solid safety and management systems, and high-levels of competence and safety-first behaviours among personnel is the surest way to prevent well control incidents from occurring. However, the industry must be prepared for the unlikely happening. SWRP is specifically focused on improving the industry’s preparedness and response capabilities in the event of a serious subsea well control incident.

Rapid reaction on an international scale

International cooperation between companies and regulators is vital to be able to respond effectively to a subsea well-control incident anywhere in the world. SWRP has undertaken extensive studies into existing technologies and capabilities, and the availability of components already stored around the world, in order to design a well intervention toolbox, including capping and dispersant capabilities, that can be used in different regions around the world. The first elements of that intervention system are now available to the industry including four capping stack toolboxes and two kits for debris clearing and the subsea application of dispersant.

Engagement and cooperation

Enhancing international well incident intervention capabilities is an opportunity for – and dependent upon – international cooperation and this is central to SWRP’s approach. We are engaging with national and international regulators and working closely with other organisations to ensure our efforts build on and complement existing practices.