About the Subsea Well Response Project

SWRP offices

The SWRP offices (centre) in Tananger, Norway

The Subsea Well Response Project (SWRP) is a non-profit joint initiative between several major oil and gas companies working together to enhance the industry’s capacity to respond to subsea well-control incidents.

In 2013, SWRP delivered advanced capping and dispersant equipment for use by the international oil and gas industry, marking the achievement of its four core objectives:

  • SWRP designed and developed a capping toolbox with a range of equipment to allow wells to be shut in
  • SWRP designed and developed subsea incident response toolkit for the subsea injection of dispersant
  • SWRP collaborated with Oil Spill Response Ltd on an international deployment mechanism so that the equipment is now available to the wider industry
  • SWRP completed studies to determine the feasibility of global containment systems

With the backing of BPChevronConocoPhillipsExxonMobilPetrobras, ShellStatoil and Total, SWRP is now developing a global containment toolkit that can support subsea well incident response if well shut-in is not immediately possible. When used in conjunction with standard available hardware, this equipment is designed to bring leaking oil from a subsea wellhead in a controlled way to the surface for storage and disposal.

SWRP was established in 2011 on the recommendation of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP). In light of recent serious oil spill incidents, such as Macondo, in the Gulf of Mexico, OGP created a dedicated Global Industry Response Group, which examined how the oil industry could possibly further improve the prevention of, and response to, subsea well-control incidents. SWRP is one part of a wider industry effort that is taking forward these recommendations.

Shell is the operator of the Project, overseen by an Operating Committee, comprising of one representative from each participating company. The Project operates out of Shell Headquarters in Stavanger, Norway.


Eli Harriet Bøhnsdalen

Eli Harriet Bøhnsdalen is the Project Manager for the Subsea Well Response Project (SWRP). She has been in SWRP since the start of the project as delivery lead for the Subsea Dispersant Injection system and the Subsea Well Containment toolkit.

Eli has been at Shell for 13 years and has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry in front end project development, project execution and business development. Eli has a MSc degree in Process Engineering