SWRP animation #2 – ROV Focus

The Subsea Well Response Project has produced a new video demonstrating how remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) can operate the capping system in an example subsea well incident.

The animation highlights the process undertaken by an ROV as it closes the lower ram and stops the flow of oil from the top of the capping stack. This is just one part of the longer process of shutting in a well. During the animation we can see the overall scene, as well as simulations of the camera views that would be available to an ROV operator.

NB The animation is for illustrative purposes only. It is based on one example scenario and does not reflect all operational requirements. This is a simplified snapshot of a complex operation involving a range of equipment, vessels and procedures. Not all equipment is included as part of the intervention system. All timings relate to the figure displayed in the top left hand corner of the animation.


0:00:28 As the ROV descends to the seabed, we see an overview of the incident site. There is a flowing wellhead with a blow out preventer (BOP). A capping stack has been installed, and oil is flowing through the core and all four diverter spools. Two subsea accumulator modules (SAM) and hydraulic flying leads (HFL) are also installed.


0:01:04 The ROV grabs the steel flying lead (SFL) from the frame and installs it in the enhanced subsea accumulator (SAM), ensuring all valves are closed.

The animation shows a split screen image: we can see the bird’s eye view of the field layout, as well as simulated views that would be seen by an ROV pilot in the colour and black and white cameras.


0:04:40 The ROV grabs the other half of the SFL and installs it on the BOP ram panel on the capping stack. The ROV then returns to the SAM and operates the valves to charge the HFL.


0:13:40 Now, the ROV turns the lower isolation valve on the BOP ram panel to close the lower ram.

At the same time, we see the flow of oil from the top of the capping stack begin to diminish… and finally stop.


0:16:00 Ram #1 is now closed.


0:18:30 The ROV flies back to the SAM to prepare to repeat the procedure on the upper BOP panel. At this point, the film ends but the dive plan would continue until the well is fully shut-in.


Link to item Date: 22 November 2012